Feb 12, 2014

brand breakdown - estée lauder: base

review bases

i may not be a makeup horder, but i sure do own my share of makeup. in this series i'm going through everything i own from some brands that i own a larger range of froducts from. what's a good buy and what's maybe not such a good buy. first out is estée lauder. for a brand i don't particulary think much about or crave stuff from, i own a lot of estée lauder. this brand i part into base/cheeks&sculpting/eyes/lips/nails.

part 1. base

estée lauder matte perfecting primer this is great. i first heard about this primer from amodelreccomends and bought it. it's a great primer, light weight and it's easy to blend a fundation. i have quite dry skin, but with the tendency to have a shiny t-zone, and this does the trick to keep the shine down and it also prolongs the wearing time of my fundations. thumbs up from me.

estée lauder daywear plus this i saw i sevral youtube videos and it looked like a great product. i'm sure it is, but it's way to dark/orange on me. unfortunately, that's the story for me on many of EL face products. it's a green product with beads that you massage into the skin. it then transforms into a glowy brown (orange on me) color. since i'm not a fan of the oompa loompa look, this is not the product for me. test this one out before you buy if you have fair skin. thumbs down from me.

estée lauder double wear light stay in place makeup this fundation is great. it's medium coverage and super easy to apply. i usually use my fingers. in the winter time, this fundation is to dark for me in itensity 1.0, but in the summer time it's perfect! it lasts fairly long on me, for long days though, i use the matte perfecting primer first. thumbs up from me.  

estée lauder double wear stay in place makeup this is a recent purchase for me. i have the color 1N1 which is a great color for me now in the winter time. it's a medium to full coverage fundation, i moisurize my face an extra time before i put a small amount on with a damp buffing brush. this can look cakey if you don't blend it well. once it's on it stays on until you remove it. perfect fundation for those days when you want a little extra coverage. thumbs up from me.


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