Feb 14, 2014

brand breakdown - estée lauder: cheeks and sculpting

i may not be a makeup horder, but i sure do own my share of makeup. in this series i'm going through everything i own from some brands that i own a larger range of products from. what's a good buy and what's maybe not such a good buy. first out is estée lauder. for a brand i don't particulary think much about or crave stuff from, i own a lot of estée lauder. this brand i part into base/cheeks&sculpting/eyes/lips/nails.

part 2. cheeks & sculpting

estée lauder ideal light brush-on illuminator this illuminator is creamy and comes with a built in brush. you twist the pen and the product comes through the brush. the amount disposed is perfect and my pen has not leaked. it's easy to use and apply the product where you want it. the product itself gives a very natural glow. it's not glittery and very easy to blend into the skin. i have color 01 light and it maches my skin nicely. if you want a very subtle glow, this product is maybe for you. i want to see more a highlighting effect if i first bother with this extra step. do i like the product? yes. will i repurchase? probably not.

estée lauder bronze godess this bronzer looks very orange in the pan, but it's actually very nice on my pale skin. i have a small version i got free with another purchase, without any color code, but i think it's shade medium. the bronzer has tiny gold sparkles, but they don't show up on the skin. it however keeps the skin from looking "dirty" where i apply the bronzer. i find it transfers well and is blendable, but i have other bronzers than blend better into my skin. a good bronzer, but not a must have for me. will not repurchase.

estée lauder pure color blush this is another one i picked up after amodelreccomends gave her approval. i bought the color 19 nude nuance. it's a light color in a satin finish just a tone or two darker than my skin. i use it to sculpt mu face and usually wear it together with another blush. it don't give much color to my face, but it gives enough definition at the same time as it looks very natural. i really like products like this, that gives my face some more dimention without looking to made up. it's a good product, but there's many similar products out there. i think i'll try out somethin new when this runs empty instead of repurchasing. my eyes are on the new chanel les beiges...


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