Mar 31, 2014

travel notes - new york

i have been lucky enough to visit nyc twice. last time was just a few months ago in december/january. being a large, metropolitan city the possibilities are endless for how to spend your time there. here's some of the places i went and loved.

i've split my picks into some of my favorite areas and would reccomend that you focus on an area at the time to not waste too much time traveling.

meat packing district

high line park
beautiful park built on an earlier subway station. my favorite place in nyc. start at w 30st st 10 ave and walk down to the meat packing district, where you'll find a lot of caf├ęs, restaurants and stores. i promise you won't regret the tour!

bubby's is a great choice for something to snack after walking alont high line park. they had a wast menu with everything from cakes to hamburgers and home made soda! i chose pancakes with homemade blueberry jam, spicy apple cider and lemonade. all delicious and all something i'm craving as we speak. they also have a dinner menu and a drink menu, i imagine this place is a good pick any time of the day/night.

spice market
my favorite restaurant in nyc. first time i visited i tried the tasting menu  - you should try it! this time my visit was on new years eve with a fixed menu, and it was just as good. it's a large restaurant, but still really nice and intimate. can't wait to try it again.


the best area for shopping and eating out. it's a beautiful area with low buildings, lots of charm and great stores and restaurants. if i could only visit one area of nyc this would be it.

this store is something you don't see everyday! a mix of insects, skulls, fossils, drawings and much more. it's a great shop to just have a look, or bring something special home.

antique garage
a small restaurant set up in an old garage.  beautiful location, great food and live music.

this is my shopping mecca. the store is big enough to have a great selection and small enough to give a much better shopping experience than the bigger stores.

makeup mekka. this store have all the stuff you want without the queues.

ground support cafe
best coffee i had in nyc.

apple store
there's a great apple store here also, no need to visit the big one that's way too crowded at all times.

other places, spread around the city

you need to visit the big one, the others won't do.

toloache bistro
seriously the best mexican food i've had. remember to book a table.

small resaurant that only serves wine and cheese. perfect after a long day walking around before dinner.

(down under the manhattan bridge overpass). small and pretty area with great view over manhattan and small cafees. had the best pizza slide there for a dollar! great to combine with a trip over the brooklyn bridge.

top tips if you want to be play tourist

moma (museum of modern art)
this is a great museum with modern art in good mix. you'll find a bit of many artists you've heard of, and a bit of those you've don't heard of. the museum shop is also worth a visit. fun souverniers to bring home.

american museum of natural history
this museum is worth a visit for the permanent exhibition of dinosaurs. even if it's not your "thing", this is the place to be amazed. skip the rest of the floors. it's a huge museum, and most stuff you've seen other places.

top of the rock (rockefeller center)
want to see nyc from the top? this is the place to go. you get the view over the city including central park.

high line park
this park really gives you an inside look to how nyc looks like to its inhabitants. you see everyday life along the park and also have a great view over the hudson river and jersey city. start at w 30st st 10 ave and walk down to the meat packing district.

times square
take the metro  to 42 street and enjoy the hustle and bustle. best in the evening/night time in my opinion.

brooklyn bridge
take the subway to  dumbo, grab a pizza and then walk over to manhattan again. really great walk.

some things worth mentioning in the end

reading material. i really enjoyed a book called nyc not for tourists. it was updated and on spot with it's reccomendations.

tipping and tax. all prizes are shown without tax and tip. the end price is hence much higher than what you see. some restaurants include tip in the bill, be sure to check before you pay.


Mar 26, 2014

fashionable - yellow

yellow is a color i feel many clear away from. but it can really look good with almost everything and on everyone. here is an inspiration board of outfits i think looks great with yellow. pinterest inspiration: a printed top with a pleated a-line skirt/a blouse for an everyday twist/with pearls/with primary colors blue and red/a pale yellow coat/with a denimin shirt and white pants/with a deminin shirt/with a sweater and blouse/with a black leather jacket


Mar 19, 2014

makeup love - classic makeup

pixiwoo consist of the two mua sisters sam and nic. you should follow them, they do a lot of different makeup looks. this is one i'm loving at the moment.


Mar 17, 2014

fashionable - black

i try to balance my wardrobe to not only contain black, and think i manage that. but, it's not a secret that black is really a classic for all occations and all types of clothings. the outfits chosen here are mostly all black, but still manage too keep it interesting in the styling. pinterest inspiration black outfits: large turtle neck/a classic 50-inspired dress/modern dress with long sleeves/peplum top with a leather skirt/oversized coat/with stripes/with jeans/military inspired coat/red lips


Mar 14, 2014


my favorite cat - maru. you should follow him for lots of fun!


Mar 12, 2014

fashionable - pale blue

pale blue is a major color this spring. like all pastels, it's a delicate balance to make sure it's edgy and not to childish. here's some pinterest inspiration with outfits that i think make it work: a coat seems to be the way many incorporate the color into their wardrobe. here in a cocoon shape/a classic a-line coat/evening dress with coral lips/a plain shirt with a silver pallette skirt/jacket in leather with motor bike jacket details/a simple wool sweather/an oversized wool sweater/a beautiful dress with clean lines/in combination with coral and orange


Mar 7, 2014


finally friday! this makes me want to dance!


Mar 6, 2014

makeup love - spring makeup looks

want to learn from two of the best makeup artists in the business? follow lisa eldridge and charlotte tilbury. they share their expertice on youtube for free for you and me to learn.

these are two of my favorite looks at the moment.


Mar 4, 2014

hair affair - hair knot

having a bad hairday? a hair knot will always be savior. here's some pinterest inspiration: clean ponytail with a twist/twinned loose knot/ballerina knot/low knot/ low messy knot/a real knot/messy ballerina knot/low pony tail knot/loose knot