May 7, 2014

fashionable - haul h&m

following up my last blog post, revamping my wardrobe, i have a small clothing haul from h&m. some classic items to grow my basics wardrobe.

  • black dress. i like the 3/4 sleeves and the lenght just above the knee (i pass on sooo many beautiful dresses that i find too short). perfect for all occations.
  • black blazer with a sheer peplum fabric at the bottom and 3/4 sleeves. great item to style up every outfit.
  • brown sandals in leather (i really like h&m premium shoes, perfect fit and reasonable prices).
  • white mens shirt in cotton. because of the straight fit and i like the look of men shirts.
  • white jeans. works with everything.
i have a few other items i'm lookin into as well. what's on your list at the moment?

edit: so after trying everything on, the dress, blazer, jeans and shoes are going back. don't keep items that's not a perfect fit! the shoes was really lovely though, so i'll try those on in a smaller size in store later. i think i will take a look at zara for some dresses and a blazer instead.


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