May 10, 2014

makeup love - nailpolish collection: neutrals, blues and greens

i've had a few requests to show my nailpolish collection from other nailpolish loving friends. i keep my polishes in muji storage with drawers sorted by colors. this is part 1 of 4 showing neutrals, blues and greens.

  1. essie lapiz of luxury (94)
  2. essie nice is nice
  3. essie lilacism (705)
  4. essie parka perfect (284) swatch
  5. essie sew psyched (731)
  6. essie turquoise & caicos (98)
  7. make up store maria - discontinued
  8. essie going incognito
  9. essie bikini so teeny
  10. essie mojito madness
  11. chanel triomphe (105) - discontinued
  12. chanel frenzy (559) swatch
  13. essie topless & barefoot (744) swatch
  14. essie sugar daddy (15)
  15. essie eternal optimist (23) swatch
  16. rimmel salon pro kate - soul session (237) swatch
  17. o.p.i. sweet heart (nl s96)
  18. ysl (24) (no name, its a solid white color) - discontinued
from the list it's quite obvious that i like essie polishes. i find they stay put for 4-5 days before i need to remove it. small ramble: i'm i the only one who don't like it when the names are on the handle of the polish? it dissapears so easily. i like the name to be on the bottle itself. ramble over. the small essie bottles are cute, but the brushes are not very good unfortunately. i would't reccomend them. also, please excuse my very dry nailbeds on most of the swatches. i only recently found my resque in the nail oil pens. my favorite is this one from mavala.

top 3 from the list above:
  • essie lilacism - a beautiful pale lilac colour. two coats for full coverage
  • chanel frenzy - the perfect combo of beige and grey. three coats for full coverage
  • essie topless & barefoot - lovely nude with the right amount of pink. three coats for full coverage
have you tried any of the nailpolishes above? what's your favorite colors?


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