May 11, 2014

makeup love - nailpolish collection: mauves, browns, dark colors

part 2 of 4 showing my nailpolish collection. i keep my polishes in muji storage with drawers sorted by colors. this drawer contains all my darker colors, mauves and browns.

  1. deborah lippmann lady sings the blues
  2. deborah lippmann happy birthday - discontinued (this one is very similar)
  3. chanel quarts (525) swatch
  4. chanel paradoxal (509) - discontinued swatch
  5. essie sable collar (283) 
  6. essie merino cool (76)
  7. essie angora cardi (700)
  8. chanel cashmere (151) - discontinued
  9. o.p.i. my private jet (nl b59)
  10. o.p.i.i brake for manicures (nl t29)
  11. o.p.i. you don't know jacques! (nl f15)
  12. o.p.i. glitzerland (nl z19)
  13. o.p.i. barefoot in barcelona (nl e41)
  14. essie hot coco
  15. sephora by o.p.i. call your mother (se 070) - discontinued swatch
please excuse my very dry nailbeds on most of the swatches. i only recently found my resque in the nail oil pens. my favorite is this one from mavala.

top 3 from the list above:
  •  chanel paradoxal - a dusty lilac with bright lilac duo chrome particles. two coats for full coverage
  •  sephora by o.p.i. call your mother - a muted warm pink/lilac. two coats for full coverage
  •  o.p.i. my private jet - a bronze brown with silver particles
have you tried any of the nailpolishes above? what's your favorite dark polishes?


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