May 9, 2014

makeup love - taxfree haul

recently i went for a business trip to copenhagen, and i picked up a few things on my way home in the taxfree.

  • kiehl's micro-blur skin perfector. i picked this up to use as a base for the days i don't want to use fundation or bb-cream. this is what it claims in the product description: lightweight, satin finish skin-perfecting formula for instant blurring effect with long-lasting, visable skincare results. i like it when skincare brands make makeup products, i think the skincare part is most difficult to produce, so i will always prefer a skincare brand making makeup than the other way around. kiehl's is one of those brands i feel get too litte attention from the beauty bloggers. personally i have loved all products i have tried from the brand, so i'm exited to try this one out. maybe a brand breakdow blog post in the near future?
  • ysl mascara volume effet faux ciels shocking (travel pack of two). my favorite mascara at the moment is estée lauder sumptous extreme mascara. it has a huge brush, but it really gives volume and curl to my lashes so i love it. there was a travel selection edition of this mascara at the airport, but it was almost twice the price of the ysl, so i thought i would give this a go and see if i like it. from the picture on the package it looks like it has the kind of brush i prefer. i haven't tried it out yet since i still need to finish my estée lauder one.
  • maybelline instant age rewind eraser dark circles (color 160 brightner/illuminateur). this was a gift from a friend who picked it up for me in nyc. i have the regular concealer in the same formula (and love it), this one is hopefully just as good. unfortunately this product isn't sold in norway, so i'll use any opportunity for a back up when friends go abroad!
  • chanel perfection lumiére velvet fundation (color 10 beige). of course i had to get this. i love the vitalumiere aqua fundation, and wanted to try the new formula with a velvet finish as well. chanel makes some really good fundations in my opinion. so far i've used this 4-5 times and i really like it. it leaves a more matte finish than the vitalumiere aqua, slightly more coverage as well so it needs more blending. once it's on it looks like perfect skin. during the day it keeps my t-zone more shine free than the vitalumiere aqua (the latter i need to powder lightly to keep in place for a whole day). after a long day on it still looks good on. the only negative thing i've noticed with the formula is that any dry patches on my skin was very visable after a few hours. something to keep in mind. now i only use this on days when i don't have any dry feeling to my skin.
have you tried any of these products? or picked up something new lately you are exited to try?


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